My name is Nate Moran and I was once a homeless veteran on the streets of NYC. For two years I slept in doorways, park benches, trains and subways. Anywhere I felt safe from the dangers of the streets......... 

From the time I was in second grade, winning a chocolate bunny for dancing in school I kept my love of dancing my whole life. I was inspired by Bill Robinson, the Nicholas Brothers, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Gregory Hines , just to name a few. Being raised by my grandmother, her and I always had the love of the art of dancing between us. Together with my sister and my mother we would dance in the living room and enjoy our lives.  

I went into the service in 1979 and two tours in Germany. I performed all over Germany with my partner and were called the Poppeteers. After my first tour of duty my alcoholism surfaced and it was a struggle for 29 years. The last 2 years of that 29 I was homeless on the streets of NYC. With the help of the staff at Northport VA Hospital i collected myself and I have been sober ever since 

. In 2011 I wanted to perform "there goes my Baby" by Usher for the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival.I thought doing it as a Mime would be different so I went to Party City and bought some white paint and a hat. I won first prize.  

Ever since then, many doors have been opened and blessings have been coming my way. I am very grateful. And my mission is to pay it forward and to give hope when people feel that there is none. So I have adopted the Never Give Up phrase as my logo in the hopes of giving people the inspiration to keep going and not get weary. Just when you think it's totally hopeless a blessing will always come through. 

Keep the Faith! 


Nate Moran